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Your key to greater earnings in the transporation industry

Semi Truck Source is the transportation operations arm of Clopton Capital, a Chicago based commercial finance company. The companies function is to provide to the extremely underserved market of start-up over the road truckers and small fleets. This area of the transportation and trucking business is arguably the largest and most neglected group of business professionals in the transportation industry by banks and lending institutions and our goal is to change that.

Semi Truck Financing

We have the most competitive financing options available anywhere

Clopton Capital provides semi truck financing nationwide to owner-operators and companies in the transportation industry. Our program is specifically designed to be the most flexible and low cost option available for owner-operators to find semi-trailers for sale . We are financing start-ups and new owner-operators daily with competitive terms. Our services evaluate your specific needs and put you in the exact truck you are looking for, if we do not have the truck you are looking for, it probably doesn't exist.

Experienced Owner Operator Program & Fleets

Credit: 600 Credit Scores and Up
Down Payment: Varies on Equipment and Credit, typically around 20%
Loan & Leases: App only up to $75,000 (unless credit issues); Larger amounts with Full Application
Terms: Up to five year terms & leases
Rates: 7% and up depending on credit
Geographic Location: Nationwide

Start Up Owner Operator Program

Credit: 600 Credit Scores and Up
Down Payment: Varies on Equipment and Credit, typically around 20%
Loan & Leases: Will most likely need a full application
Terms: Up to 5 year terms & leases
Rates: 15% and up depending on credit
Geographic Location: Nationwide

Semi Truck Sales

Semi Truck Source sells equipment along side its financing options. We do not allow our customers to purchase vehicles for refrigerated transportation from outside sources because often times the equipment is not well kept, overpriced, and there could be an incidence of fraud involved in the equipment. We supply only equipment that is prior fleet, meaning that they are the best kept vehicles on the road and their maintenance and service records are freely available to us. This equipment is known to be the most reasonably priced and reliable available to a trucking professional and this is why it is all we offer.

We have available to us close to 5,000 pieces of equipment from prior fleets including trucks and trailers. To find out more about our truck and trailer sales or to see if a piece of equipment is available do not hesitate to call.

Semi Truck Sales

Browse our inventory of semi trucks for sale online. Semi truck sales are also financed by our semi truck specialist.

Download Loan Application

Click here to download our semi truck loan application now. Once filled out, you can either fax or email back to us.


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