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About Clopton Capital

Clopton Capital lending, LLC is a Chicago commerical financing services firm and commercial financing products provider. Our portfolio of commercial financing products and commercial financing services benefit your business tremendously.

Clopton Capital's objective is to act as a conduit between users of commercial capital and providers of commercial capital. In these times having a solid understanding and wide network within the capital markets is the key to commercial success. Our commitment is to completely understand the needs and situations of today's commercial borrowers. When we are presented with a scenario, we approach it with creativity and open minds so that we are able to provide financing for any transaction that makes sense. No transaction or borrower is alike and every single one needs to be treated that way.

Jake Clopton


Jake Clopton is the founder and principal finance officer of Clopton Capital. Prior to founding Clopton Capital, Jake was a futures trader with a primary focus on interest rates futures and more specifically Eurodollars (3 month LIBOR hedging products). Seeing a need for a commercial firm such as Clopton Capital and the services it would provide, he made the transition and founded Clopton Capital. Today Jake's main focus is opening up new lending relationships, consulting, and finding the most competitive commercial products to make available to borrowers.

“One of the greatest factors that contribute to your financial success is making sure you work with financial consultants that have the ability to diligently place each project with precision.” At Clopton Capital Lending, Matt Reed prides himself on doing just this.

Matt Reed

Vice President and Senior Financial Consultant

Matt specializes in structuring various different types of commercial loans and thoroughly finds the proper placement bases upon the financial scenario. If you have a project that needs funding for an acquisition or you are looking to consolidate debt and refinance, Matt is a great resource to have.

Matt was responsible for and managed commercial activities that related to over $700 million in management, acquisitions and refinances of retail centers, gas stations, multifamily units, and hotels. He makes sure that commercial properties will get funding when other depositories have come up short.

Eric Smith

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Eric's background is largely in financial services and direct marketing. Namely this entails search engine optimization, developing life insurance quote websites amd wholesale financial services. Through the use of content generation, link baiting, writing, linkbuilding, and on-page search engine optimization, Eric has made Clopton Capital highly visible on the internet. This not only helps the business, but helps prospects find the commercial financing services they need faster.

Apart from search engine optimization, Eric Smith also understands numerous commercial financing and personal financial planning concepts, which helps keep the content and long-term web strategy of Clopton Capital on course.

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