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Semi Truck Sales

Semi trucks for sale can be found through our simple tool on this page. Our semi truck sales are complimented by our financing programs. Clopton Capital is not the typical site that offers semi trucks for sale or a usual finance company. We are a full service partner for semi truck drivers nationwide and assist them in finding the exact equipment they are looking for and financing it. We do not a have a lot or inventory of equipment on site for semi trucks for sale and because of that we are not limited to a certain type of equipment or brand. What we do is find the EXACT equipment that you are looking for and finance it for you. Our customers do not have to settle for something that "kind of" fits what they want because of what we have in our inventory. Our customers get exactly what they want because we can go anywhere to find it for them.

Semi Trucks for sale

We realize here at that expecting the average truck driver to have $50,000 to $100,000 readily available to purchase their own semi truck isn't practical. In these times it's also not expected that a trucker will likely be able to get financed by their bank either. As a service that provides semi trucks for sale and semi truck financing service we can provide the most competitive solutions as we are a one stop shop for all your needs.

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